Online Giving
BTPC Online Giving is Here…
Online Giving is designed for those who wish to give an offering to BTPC without the hassle of writing a check each time you give.  It also works for those who want to give but are either out of town or cannot attend worship.  It is available for pledged or non-pledged giving.
Additional online method, below, via (click image):

You may give a one-time donation or set up a recurring payment.  Please use the option for "direct transfer from bank account" to pay from your checking account--the fees are much less than using a debit/credit card.

Donors are not required to set up a profile.  Donors may either give as a "guest" or create a profile so that they may manage their payment information and/or recurring donations.  To contribute as a "guest" simply begin the process under the "Donations" section of the website reachable from the "Give Now" button, below.
Please account for the fees when deciding how much to give.  For example, if you wish the church to receive a full $100, and you use your checking account, please give a total of $101.00. This will account for the 1% online fee.  Your quarterly giving statement will show the full amount you gave ($101).  However, the church will receive your donation minus fees ($100).

The following fee schedule is set by the Presbyterian Foundation and debit/credit card administrators:
  • 1% administrative fee for all gifts
  • additional 2.598% + .26 cents for gifts using debit or credit card
There is a "comments" section like the "memo" line on a check.  Use it to designate special offerings or payments such as memorial gifts or church trip.

After you press the “Give Now” button and fill in the information, you will see a screen from the Presbyterian Mission Exchange indicating your gift has been processed.  You will then receive an email confirmation. 
Your gifts are processed through the Presbyterian Foundation.  Gifts are viewed only by the BTPC treasurer and office administrator.  This follows the same process for gifts received in the offering plates on Sunday mornings--protecting your confidentiality and maintaining security.  If you choose not to give online, as always, you may financially support BTPC ministries by using the offering plates on Sunday morning or by mailing or bringing your check to the church.

Thank you for your faithfulness to Worship God, Prepare Disciples, and Serve the World!