Upcoming Events
July Stewardship: Backpacks and School Supplies
Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 28th
This month we are helping parents with Back-to-School shopping. We have children from both Encounters with God Ministries (shares our facility) and Agape Resource & Assistance Center (single mothers). We have children ranging from first grade to eleventh grade. 
In the past this has been one of our greatest outreach efforts and we need your help again this year. 
School supplies and backpacks are a big expense for those families that are struggling, 
and we can help in a big way. 
Please see Barb after the service in the Narthex to check out the children we have for the back-to-school adoption and sign up to help. 
Children are our greatest resource, and we should want all of them to succeed. Having all of the supplies they need for school is a great start to a new school year. All school supplies will need to be returned to the church by Sunday, July 28th for distribution to the parents.