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Posted on March 17, 2020 2:32 PM by Karl Schwarz
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Greetings, brothers and sisters of Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church.
Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Well, we certainly are living in interesting times …
As we continue to prayerfully consider our best response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we also listen to guidance from our ecclesiastical bodies and our civil government.
Yesterday, March 15th, the Grace Presbytery Executive Council voted to: Recommended to sessions within Grace Presbytery that all face-to-face church gatherings be suspended including worship services until public health officials advise it is safe to resume group gatherings.
Also yesterday morning, Collin County Judge Chris Hill issued a proclamation declaring a state of disaster in Collin County stating: Furthermore, consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), I recommend the postponement or cancelations of all public gatherings greater than 50 people.
Later yesterday President Trump and his team recommended not gathering in groups greater than ten people.
With this guidance, discussion, and prayer the Session concurred with my recommendation to follow the Grace Presbytery Council’s recommendation that all face-to-face church gatherings at Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church be suspended including worship services until public health officials advise it is safe to resume group gatherings.
Our worship team has already been in discussion as to how we can livestream worship services led by a few of us in which you may participate remotely.  We will communicate the details of these services as they are determined.
As Fr. Guadagnoli, the pastor at St. Monica Catholic church in Dallas, recently sent to their community: "We are not on vacation... Brothers and sisters, the work of the Gospel will never be suspended! Pray for all those who are sick, pray for our first responders, pray for our government and Church leaders, and pray for our global community. As Christians, our Lord calls us to be calm and responsible leaders, especially in times of fear."
Peace be with you, friends.  Keep in contact with each other, keep washing those hands, and continue to pray without ceasing to the God of all!
Yours in Christ’s service,
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