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And We Are Off ...
Posted on August 25, 2019 9:08 PM by Karl Schwarz
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And We Are Off …
To the saints at Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church:
First, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome that you have provided me and my family.  It has been a joy getting to know you over these last several weeks.  During this time I have been able to visit with over 40 of you representing over 30 families. This is a vibrant and loving congregation, and I look forward to our time, our work, and our ministry together.
Now, as we begin our next phase together, I thought it might be helpful to lay out for you the work before us.  Primary in all of our time together is our Worship of God and the care of one another.  Whatever else we are doing, we need to ensure that these two are at the heart of our efforts.  What is known as our “Field of Work” during this interim/transition time can be organized into five areas: Connections, Future, Heritage, Leadership, and Mission.
Connections is about our relationships --- with our neighborhood, our community, our presbytery, other local churches, and other institutions.  How do we relate to them?  How is our relationship with them a reflection/incarnation of who we are as a congregation?  What are our strengths in this area?  Do we have “blind spots”?  What would we like to focus on as we move forward?
Future is about our “visioning”.  Where do we sense God is calling us?  How does that relate to who we are now and how we are equipped and/or “gifted”?
Heritage is about who we have been.  How might our past be described?  What are some significant moments in our earlier days?  How did they shape us?  What are the things, and who are the people (and groups), that have meant so much to us?
Leadership is about how we organize ourselves for effective ministry utilizing the God-given talents of those among us.  How are we set up for governance, management, service, and participation?  Is our “people structure” established in such a way that we can serve faithfully and joyfully while being good stewards?  How do we help others join in the fun?
Mission is about the pathway to the future we are visioning.  How are we going to get from where we are to where we feel we are being called.  Our Mission Study Team has been at work, and their efforts are already bearing fruits.
We will explore each of these five areas.  And, as we do, we will get an understanding of what “the next phase” in the life of Bentwood Trail can be.  I am thrilled and grateful to be on this exploration with you. Please let me know of your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and questions.
May God continue to bless us all.
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